You often hear ultramarathons spoken about as “eating contests with a bit of running in between” but I don’t buy this. Certainly not for the “shorter” ultras…maybe under 50 miles or so. Sure, you need to keep fuelled and it’s good to have something you like, and indeed have “trialled”…

I recently bought a new vehicle. Well, new to me. It just so happens to be a left -hand drive model and, living in Scotland, that’s unusual to say the least. UK cars come in right hand drive as standard. My imported-from-Germany French car has other ideas.

And that’s just…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

That quote, from Peter Pan author JM Barrie, is a good way to start your day.

We are all having a tough time just now, some more than others, granted but these last 18 months or so have been unprecedented. …

I’ve just seen, and been peripherally involved in, an interesting Twitter conversation.

Photo — writer’s own; Ardnamurchan, Scottish Highlands

It’s around the idea of remoteness and what that means. Not so much a strict ‘dictionary definition’ rather, how do we define it in terms of community, people and place?

As a resident of the West Highlands of…

Well…where does the time go?

It’s Friday. It’s late. I’m tired and I can’t believe another week has gone past.

Yes, the pandemic has affected our sense of time, our…

Some months ago now my toaster gave up. Tripping the fuse board as the spring was pulled down. A new fuse and a clearing of the crumbs failed to fix it. The toaster was, quite literally, burned out.

I like a bit of toast. My daughter likes a toasted waffle…

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